North Windís Daughter


I was born at the dawn of a cold autumn day

When the wind met the mist on the hill.

A child of the northlands, IĎm free as a bird

And my bodyís as strong as my will.

I laugh at the blizzard and dance in the gale;

From the wild geese I learned to take flight.

My first lullaby was the song of the wolf

And the cry of the loon in the night.



And itís heigh-ho, down from the snow,

Down with the hail and the rain!

Down where the thunder crashes and roars!

I am the North Windís daughter!

Wild as the storm, Iíll never be tamed,

For I am the North windís daughter!

I am the North Windís daughter!


When Winterís white cloak lies so cold on the land,

Then I dance on the ice-frozen lake.

To send down the sleet or to send down the snow?

Well I feel it is my choice to make.

I run with the deer in the pine forests dark

When the Northern Lights leap in the sky.

When bonfires are lit to drive off the deep cold

With the hawk and the eagle I fly!




Come Spring and come Summer when warmth fills the land,

Now donít think I have fled far away.

For I am the storm-wind that shreds the white sail;

With the lightning and thunder I play.

I ride on the crest of the rapidsí white wave

Where it leaps and it foams on the sand.

Come sailors take warning: when you hear my voice,

Then youíd best keep your feet on the land!




Come all you brave men, now come heed my advice,

For with you I shall never abide.

Though many have tried, just as many have failed,

For you canít take a storm as a bride!

Speak not your sweet words, they mean nothing at all!

Oh swear not any promise to me!

Do not try to follow, do not dream to dareó

If you loved me, youíd let me stay free!







Copyright © 2006 by Hilla Hamasdohtor (Pamela A. Wolff)