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Here you can meet the dubiously illustrious but not illustrated members of the Wild Onion Household:

(Member bios are in the process of being updated.)


Lady Fionnuala McInnes AoA, APF, APFy, AG, OotW

(Household Founder)

Lady Fionnuala has been a member of the SCA since 1987 and can actually qualify for the "Old Farts' Club". She started out as a 6th Century Celt and flash-morphed into a 16th Century Noblewoman after being immersed in Elizabethan history for an entire summer. Lady Fionnuala resides in the Midrealm.

Now onto the persona's actual history:

Fionnuala was the only daughter of Bridget and Donnacha McInnes, originally from Kilkenny, Ireland. Donnacha, in a very long and drawn out tale, fell into the service of a rich English Knight, Sir Richard Sackville, and brought his little family to Dorset, England, Sir Richard's home. His wife, Bridget, became a Lady-in-Waiting to Sir Richard's wife, Winifred. As time went by, both ladies found themselves pregnant and their daughters were born just days apart. This is how Bridget became the wet nurse for Winifred's daughter, Anne. Bridget named her daughter Fionnuala after the heroine of an Irish legend that sheltered and protected her three younger brothers from harm after they had all been turned into swans by their evil step-mother and set to drift on the world's waters for ever. Bridget nursed both girls and became Anne's governess and Fionnuala became Anne's companion and playmate while they were children together. Fionnuala shared her companions' tutors and when Anne was sent into the service of the Princess Elizabeth, Fionnuala went along as her tiring woman. As tiring woman to a companion of a Royal Princess, Fionnuala had many of the same privileges of education and training as her friend and Lady, Anne.

    Fionnuala is a lacemaker, excellent cook, archer, musician and singer. She has even learned the skills of a seamstress and can and will create the gowns that her Lady, Anne, now both adults, the Baroness Dacre, wears at Court and at home. She continues to serve Lady Dacre faithfully as companion and tiring woman and the two are inseparable best friends. She will readily admit, while her Lady is a skilled dancer, Fionnuala would rather watch as she is not skilled in that manner and really has no want to be.

    Lady Fionnuala, when asked, will admit the only thing Irish about her is her name and considers herself entirely English and is proud of her service to one of the close companions and Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth Tudor.


     Fionnuala can often be found, on her own, enjoying an event, teaching, shopping, cooking, feeding friends old and new, or just enjoying spending time with her household.



Lady Hilla Hamasdohtor  AoA

(Household Founder)

Lady Hilla joined the SCA way back in the year of 1986, when she was a wide-eyed college freshman in Michigan. She played in the Barony of Northwoods as a French woman whose name and persona has been lost in the depths of time. She wafted off to Colorado for two years, and then came back to Chicago in 1994. She resumed her activity in the SCA in 1994, taking a more Elizabethan persona, though she still had some French overtones. Real life and other factors caused a hiatus of a few years, and she returned to the SCA in 2004 with a completely new persona, that of a 7th-century Anglo-Saxon woman, living in Mercia at the time of Penda Cyning. Hilla resides in the Midrealm. She is the current Bard of Ravenslake.

 Persona story:

Hilla is the eldest child and only daughter of Hama Ealdorman and his wife Leofrun. Though she is a capable enough cook and aid in household duties, and though she can darn a sock like no one's business, her true skill is as a scop. She loves to sing and craft songs and tales, and tell old legends in the feasting-hall.



Lady Aelfwine of the Hawthorne Wood CW

Lady Aelfwine has been a member of the SCA since 1982. She is a costumer and embroiderer, and also one of our resident Elizageeks. She is also our Official Photographer, which means that she gets um... a... a cool hat. Or something. The wonderful pictures on this page are from her camera. Lady Aelfwine resides in the Midrealm.









Lord Bryan Westmeath

Bryan Westmeath is a member of the SCA. Currently he has been awarded an Award of Arms (AOA) which gives him the title of Lord. He started in the SCA in 1988 and has recently joined the Wild Onion Household. Lord Bryan resides in Atlantia.

Character background

Bryan was the only child of James and Margaret Westmeath; sharecroppers on the country estate of Sir Richard Sackville a wealthy aristocrat of the English Court. In fact; the infant Bryan was born on the Sackville property during the month of March. The exact date was not originally recorded due to being premature thus the possibility that the infant would not survive. The Westmeath's would farm the land and provide the bulk of the food they could grow to the Sackville household and the remainder was used to sustain themselves. Sir Richard maintained a good relationship with the Westmeath family and tool interest in young Bryan bringing him into the Sackville Manorhouse as a servant. There he met Sir Richard's son Thomas and watch from the side what Thomas had been taught by his tutors. Being a generous sort; Sir Richard found out Bryan's activities and decided to allow him to join Thomas in his studies.

Eventually Thomas was knighted by her majesty Queen Elizabeth, first Queen to bear that name and created for Sir Thomas the title of 1st Baron Buckhurst. Bryan Westmeath; being faithful to Lord Buckhurst was awarded the position of 'maintaining his lord' as Master of his Lordships Wardrobe a position he does hold even to this day. Bryan has taken the habit of keeping a journal in regards to his duties; for as time passes so does the memory and he does not wish to forget important matters regarding his Lordship's attire.


Lord Robert Grey of Nottingham

Lord Potter of Hearthstone Arts. Lord Robert resides in Northshield.


Anne Grey

Lady Potter of Hearthstone Arts. Anne resides in Northshield.



Jewelry Maker. Natalie resides in Drachenwald.



Leatherworker of Donar Designs, and one of our resident barbarians. Verrhund resides in the Midrealm.


Ever O'Shannon

Ever resides in the Midrealm.

Mistress Helene Gabrielle du Lac

Mistress Helene resides in the Midrealm.



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