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We're not really seagulls. The image is just there because it looked better than one that said "Place Image Here" when the page first went up, and now the webmistress is too lazy (or something) to find a better picture.

We are the Wild Onions, or, more properly, the Wild Onion Household, which is a household in the SCA. What is the SCA? For the best information, you may want to check out http://www.sca.org. That is the website for the SCA, and it has a wealth of useful information about the SCA. Our household began in the Middle Kingdom, which runs from Ohio west to the Mississippi River (mostly), and has varying north and south borders. For more information about the Middle Kingdom (Midrealm), go here: http://www.midrealm.org. Our membership now extends into the Kingdom of Northshield as well, which is the land of Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the western half of Upper Peninsula of Michigan (See http://www.northshield.org for more information.), and also the Kingdom of Atlantia, which includes Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, the District of Columbia, most of Virginia, and part of Georgia. (See http://www.atlantia.sca.org for information.)


Now that you know where we belong and what we belong to, who the heck or the Wild Onions? We're a household focusing on hospitality and friendship, Arts & Sciences, scholarship and good food. Why the name "Wild Onions"? Well, we were founded in the Chicago area, and the name "Chicago" means "stinking onion" or "land of the stinking onion". Mind you, we're not particularly stinky, but we do love onions. And like them, we've got many different layers. And maybe, like them, we'll be appealing. (Please note, all the puns are Hilla's fault; Fionnuala didn't have a thing to do with them.)


Our page, Elizageek, provides all sorts of useful tidbits about the Elizabethan period in England. It has been recently updated, so please go and have a look.


Hilla is the resident scop, or bard, and she focuses on Anglo-Saxon England. Her page, The Meadhall, contains bardic work for the SCA, riddles, and links of interest. It is updated as new work is ready, so check back for more changes!


Our Calendar is a monthly list of events we will be attending, and anything else of interest.




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